Jesse Jacoby - Developer of Rocket Manager and Founder of EmergentThanks so much for stopping by this website and trusting me with your time and attention. If you’re looking to improve your management skills and searching for a way to accelerate your career — then THIS could be the most important website you’ll ever visit.

ROCKET MANAGERTM is an online program that helps you excel in your management role. The program condenses our 20 years of working with leaders at Fortune 500, mid-sized, and small companies. We developed this program to make “insider” knowledge, techniques, and tools accessible to managers everywhere. Read on to determine if this program is right for you. Or sign-up for the FREE mini-course.

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Jesse Jacoby, developer of ROCKET MANAGERTM & Founder of Emergent

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Is This Program Right For Me?

Those who benefit most from ROCKET MANAGERTM often have these titles: Supervisor, Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, or Sr. Director.

We consider you a “manager” if you manage people at any level. This program will benefit ALL managers of people and it is particularly valuable to those managers who are newly promoted, newly hired, or taking on expanded management roles.

  • Connector.

    Newly Promoted Manager

    Individual recently promoted into a manager role for the first time

  • Connector.

    Newly Hired Manager

    Manager recently hired from the outside into a new organization

  • Connector.

    Growth Manager

    Existing manager with an expanded role and scope of responsibility

Based on 20 Years of Experience

ROCKET MANAGERTM condenses our 20 years of experience working with leaders at Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations. These collective insights, techniques, tips, and tools are organized and presented to you as part of the ROCKET MANAGERTM program.

Based on Fortune 500 client experience
“The ability to deal with people is as purchasable as a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other thing under the sun.”John D. Rockefeller

What’s In It For You?

Management is the art of getting things done through people. Your technical skills may get you the job, but your people skills will determine your level of success along the way. ROCKET MANAGER is all about helping you develop your management skills (i.e., getting things done through people).

With ROCKET MANAGER, here’s what’s in it for you and your organization:

  • More Productive Team. Effective managers are confident in their roles and have the ability to motivate staff to perform to the best of their abilities. The right, consistent management can increase the productivity of your people.
  • Higher Employee Retention. 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. You can be the reason your team members choose to stay.
  • Increased Productivity. Well-trained managers are able to set realistic goals, develop strategic work plans and make decisions quickly. This can increase the effectiveness with which your business is run.
  • Increased Employee Engagement. Giving feedback is a skill of successful managers. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of those with low engagement.
  • Reduced Workplace Conflict. Managers with good interpersonal skills can help increase understanding between colleagues and smooth out workplace misunderstandings.
  • Better Decision-Making. Managers functioning at a high level of emotional intelligence have the perspective to make informed, intelligent business decisions.
  • Greater Profitability. Effective management training prepares managers for the day-to-day reality of running a business. This has the associated advantage of increased earnings and decreased cost and liability to the business.

147% higher earnings per share

Companies that increase their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees achieve 147% higher earnings per share


Companies Are Missing Opportunities for Growth and Revenue
- Gallup

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This is an excellent training program for managers who wish to set themselves apart. Chief HR Officer, Fortune 500 Manufacturer
  • Build high-performing coalitions of people who achieve business results
  • Communicate successfully from a strong management platform
  • Assess the organization’s culture, your learning needs, and achieve your learning goals
  • Accelerate your career progression
  • Identify critical steps you must take to maximize your success
  • Negotiate with key stakeholders to achieve results-oriented, rewarding, interdependent business relationships
Thousands of dollars worth of valuable content bundled into a power-packed, easy-to-use format. Full of insider advice, techniques, and tools.

Overview of the Program Contents

ROCKET MANAGERTM is organized around 21 critical management skills spanning four development phases and six focus areas. The 21 activities are supported by 46 management tools to help you excel in your role.

Management Skills

Management Tools
Development Phases
Focus Areas

21 Management Skills

ROCKET MANAGER TM covers 21 critical management skills that you can use now and for the rest of your career. The content will help you understand and master core leadership concepts, skills, and techniques, and then incorporate them into your thinking and daily work routines.

The program content will engage you in collaborative activities with supervisors, peers, direct reports, and other critical stakeholders. Because your success as a manager depends on forging constructive relationships, you will find that the program continually directs you toward others — for information exchange, alliance building, and visioning work.

46 Management Tools

ROCKET MANAGERTM contains 46 tools that will help you analyze, plan, and execute your management role with excellence. The tools are downloadable in Microsoft WordTM and ExcelTM formats and can be edited and saved to your computer or network.

Tools Legend:
  • = Assessment
  • = Checklist
  • = Reference
  • = Worksheet
  • Action Plan
  • Appointment Communication Plan
  • Business Systems Research Kit
  • Challenge Consultation Form
  • Closing the Gaps Strategy Checklist
  • Conflicting Agenda Checklist
  • Credibility Research Checklist
  • Glossary of Common Derailers
  • Inclusive Culture Checklist
  • Learning Questionnaire
  • Learning Techniques Inventory
  • Manager Assimilation Meeting Guide
  • Meeting Navigation Guide
  • Organizational Culture & Politics Research Kit
  • Personal Advisory Board Worksheet
  • Personal Audit Sheet
  • Potential Drawbacks of Key Strengths
  • Progress Evaluation Form – HR
  • Progress Evaluation Form – Manager
  • Progress Evaluation Form – Supervisor
  • Roadmap for Continued Success
  • Role Charter Research Checklist
  • Role Charter Template
  • Sample Appointment Communications Memo

  • Sample Role Charter
  • Sample Team Competency Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis Checklist
  • Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
  • Stakeholder Relationship Enhancement Checklist
  • Stakeholder Relationship Maintenance Checklist
  • Stakeholder Relationship Plan
  • Stakeholder Relationship Research Checklist
  • Strengths & Derailers Checklist
  • Success Factors Evaluation – Current Self
  • Success Factors Evaluation – Desired Self
  • Supervisor Style Research Kit
  • Supporting Change Research Kit
  • Team Competency Gap Analysis Template
  • Understanding Resistance Checklist
  • Vision Analysis Information Checklist
  • Vision Design Checklist
  • Vision Gathering Information Checklist
  • Vision Meeting Facilitation Guide
  • Vision Resistance Checklist
  • Vision Support-Building Checklist

4 Development Phases

Taking Hold PhaseTaking Hold focuses on clarifying your management role, building relationships, paving the way for necessary changes, and targeting specific factors affecting your success.
Immersion focuses on building awareness of strengths and needs of you and your key stakeholders. You learn to leverage insights about the organization’s systems, politics, and culture.
Reshaping focuses on assessing team competencies and development needs, managing conflicting agendas, promoting an inclusive culture, creating a vision for the future and securing buy-in for that vision.
Consolidation focuses on future challenges and opportunities. You repair and enhance stakeholder relationships, builds support for your vision, measure progress to date and chart the path forward.

6 Focus Areas

The focus areas help leaders identify critical objectives, work with teams, develop relationships, build self-awareness, understand the organization, and partner with supervisors.

Focus Areas

Optional Add-On 1: E-mail Coaching

The Professional PLUS level gives you unlimited e-mail access to our team of certified ROCKET MANAGERTM coaches. Our coaches have on average 15 years of management consulting experience, and have worked with a variety of leaders from startup, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies. Coaches respond to your questions within 48 hours and topics you can discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Addressing a specific management challenges
  • Help with using ROCKET MANAGERTM tools and techniques
  • Advice for dealing with a difficult team situation

Optional Add-On 2: Phone Coaching

The PLATINUM level comes with three 30-minute phone coaching sessions with ROCKET MANAGERTM and Emergent founder Jesse Jacoby. Drawing upon his 20 years of management and consulting experience working with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, Jesse will share management advice and methods tailored to your unique needs. 

You can schedule your calls any time during your 12-month membership. Use the one-on-one calls to discuss any management topics you’d like.


Below are a series of screenshots that provide a preview of the ROCKET MANAGERTM program’s content and features. Click each thumbnail graphic to see a larger version of the screenshot.

  • A Dashboard tracks your progress against the 21 management skill areas
  • The Home page serves as your springboard to the program's knowledge and tools
  • 21 skill-building modules to help you excel in your management role
  • 46 tools to help you successfully execute your management role
  • Thumbnail graphics of the 46 Manager Tools (Download and edit in MS Office)
  • Six Focus Areas to master: Self, Team, Stakeholder, Organization, Supervisor, and Position
  • Each skill area is supported with management tools and specific tasks to complete
  • Specific tasks to help you master the management skills
  • The 21 management skills have been thoughtfully developed by our team of experts
ROCKET MANAGERTM enables manager’s to quickly learn and apply proven concepts, skills, and techniques. VP Organizational Development, Fortune 500 Retailer

Purchase a Membership

The ROCKET MANAGERTM program comes in three membership levels to meet your individualized needs — ProfessionalProfessional PLUS, and PLATINUM. Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for how to access the system and begin using the tools and information. Each membership lasts for 12 months from the date of your purchase.



One-Time Fee
  • 21 Manager Activities covering 6 focus areas
  • 12 months of unlimited 24×7 online access
  • 46 Manager Effectiveness Tools (download and edit in MS Office)
  • Dashboard to track your progress
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One-Time Fee
  • Three 30-minute phone-based coaching sessions with ROCKET MANAGERTM founder Jesse Jacoby

    – Schedule them any time during your 12-month membership

    – Use them to discuss any management topics you’d like

  • Unlimited e-mail access to our management coaches via e-mail
  • All of the features from the Professional version
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the questions that we receive most frequently about our program. If you would like to know something that isn’t discussed here, please Contact Us and we promise you an immediate response.

ROCKET MANAGERTM is designed to be completed in as little as two months, by setting aside a few hours each week.

However, the program is also designed to be completed at your own pace, so you can take as little or as much time as you’d like.

Also, if you’re like most people you’re probably going to find yourself referring back to certain sections after you’ve completed the program.

And the reason why is because the course is also designed to serve as a permanent reference resource for you, showing you how to master various manager skills in step-by-step detail.

In short, as soon as you begin applying the techniques you learn in the program. You can expect an increase in your management performance after completing the first few activities in the program and dramatic results after completing the full 21 management skills.
Yes. We offer an enterprise version of ROCKET MANAGERTM that your organization can own forever without restrictions and customize the content. Contact us to request a custom price quote.
Yes. After you make your purchase you will receive instructions to register an account. Simply provide those instructions to the person you want to have the account.
Yes! ROCKET MANAGERTM is backed with an unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can read more about how our guarantee works.
Yes. We are committed to providing friendly and efficient service and are happy to answer any of your questions and assist with any technical issues. You can find additional information by clicking Contact Us on the top of any page on our website.
Yes. Simply contact us to request a demo.

100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

Buy with confidence. If ROCKET MANAGERTM isn’t providing the value we promised, simply request your money back. We will promptly refund the full purchase price. >>Details